Please note that Ekasi Bucks phase 2 ICO has officially started



Please find herewith attached Terms and Conditions of EKB Token Sale updated 14 July 2017; by participating in the Token Sale, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as set out in  document as attached:

 Ekasi Bucks (EKB) Terms and Conditions of Token Sale updated 1


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 Please do not send in any funds without registering your full details on the site, details must be linked with your registered email and account refund email address below .

Please Enter a Rands Account number or Bitcoin or Ethereum Refund address below:

Rands refund Bank account

In the case Ekasi Bucks Does not reach investment goals or if there is a problem with your transaction, this is where your Rands will be refunded.

Refund adress

  • Please provide a Bitcoin refund address in the event that Ekasi Bucks does not reach minimum investment goal or there is a problem with your transaction This is where your Bitcoins will be refunded.

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  • In the event that Ekasi Bucks does not reach minimum investment goal, this is where your Ether will be refunded.

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Download Ekasi Bucks White paper:Ekasi Bucks Whitepaper-V2-1

Minimum/First Price: $5 for 20 EKB
⦿ Token supply :100 000 000 EKB
⦿ Number of Coins offered for ICO: 10 000 000 EKB
⦿ Distribution to development team: 10% of ICO funding
⦿ Finance for currency marketing: 10% of ICO Funding
⦿ Research and development: 10% of ICO Funding
⦿ Infrastructure investments: 40% of ICO Funding
⦿ Business Development: 10% of ICO funding
⦿ Funds held in reserve: 20% of ICO Funding
⦿ ICO Minimum investment goal: $500 000
⦿ ICO Maximum goal: $10 000 000
⦿ Coin allocation post ICO: 90 days
⦿ How funds are held: Multi signature Wallet


Bonus allocations:

bonuses are allocated by percentage of the number of coin purchased for early adopters
Sale of coins will be open of Two months: 25 September 2017- 30 November 2017
⦿ 20% first two weeks of sale
⦿ 15% second two weeks of sale
⦿ 10% third two weeks of sale
⦿ 5% last two week of sale


To Invest in EKB


  • please purchase Tokens directly from below First National Bank Rands account details;

Rands account : BANKING DETAILS

Account Holder: FX Academy (PTY) LTD
Name of Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 6262332301
Branch Name: The Reds
Branch code: 250130

Reference: EKB ICO and name; Surname



  • Alternatively copy and paste below Bitcoin or Ethereum address and send funds directly from your wallet depending on which cryptocurrency you are using to purchase:

Bitcoin purchase Address:



Ethereum purchase address:



1 – How do I purchase EKB tokens?

Please use the above provided addresses, Tokens can be purchased by either purchasing directly from Our Rands FNB account details provided or by sending BTC or ETH to the addresses provided above. Please ensure that when Purchasing Tokens you provide your email and phone number that you registered with on the transaction description details so that we send you the tokens to the correct details after conclusion of EKB sale.

2 – When do I receive my tokens?

You will receive your tokens no later than 90 days after the conclusion of EKB ICO sale.

3 – Do I receive tokens at the same price as everyone else?

Everyone will receive tokens at the same price. This price will be the price at which the token sale concludes at, and will be more, equal to or less than the price at the time you purchased the Tokens for.

4 – How Do I receive the EKB tokens

Your details will be stored with Ekasi Bucks, After the sale ends, you will receive EKB tokens in the Ekasi Bucks wallet you set up (details will be sent to the registration details you provide) and we will transfer your EKB directly to your wallet address .


5 – How Do I know if My purchase has been successful

Our consultants will send you an email confirmation detailing your purchase and investment into Ekasi Bucks  24 – 48 hours after ICO sale closes.