Ekasi Bucks CrptoCurrency Adoption strategy


Upon establishing the coin, we realized that in order for it to have long term value it must be used to transact constantly for goods and service and must create wealth for currency users;

The main idea is that, a community Is made up of household member who require goods and services that serve their primary needs, particularly shelter, food, and clothing to go on a day to day basis of surviving;

žOther needs like access to water, electricity, good health facilities and security are also very important in keeping communities worth living in,

žThen comes entertainment and a social life; people make money to buy a lifestyle, so Ekasi Bucks makes it possible for people to afford that lifestyle.

žThe township economy is at an estimated 200 billion;  The Ekasi Urban Business District is a marketplace that serves all the above mentioned needs at a fractional cost and using an easy convenient Blockchain payment systems.

žThis, in turn will assist us to develop township communities through CSI projects to develop roads, sporting facilities, health facilities etc. and  also develop other communities across other townships.

žThe main plan is to make the project to be not only a community development initiative but also a Tourist Destination project across different townships.

žMembers of townships are growing everyday in numbers and require supply of goods and services on a daily basis for basic survival

žThe Ekasi Urban Business District is a Market place specifically designed for the usage Ekasi Bucks cryptocurrency and other digital currencies.

žThe District will rents out space For Ekasi Entrepreneurs who will be providing goods and services for township community members across South Africa.

žAs the Cryptocurrency is sold over international and national exchanges, This will be attracting usage from international platforms, and will therefore serve as a simple means to transact for tourists coming into South Africa.

žThe District is An innovative technologically advanced eco friendly district and tourist destination for young and old people.

žMain goal is to create Innovative and educated communities members able to expand their skills and create jobs across various industries to service different communities locally and internationally.



Our strategy is to have the district as the main market place where the coin will be used to transact for everyday Goods and services

 Distributing the Ekasi Bucks POS devices across all merchants operating within will allow adoption to grow fast and for cryptocurrency to be widely accepted throughout South Africa.