Although Bitcoin and other Altcoins have gained considerable use over the many years since the cryptocurrencies have been developed, there is still a lot to be done to have the currencies transacting for goods and services on a daily basis from merchants across the world.Ekasi bucks takes a different approach towards achieving the goal of using the cryptocurrency as a payment mechanism for goods and services on a day to day basis hence we have made it convenient with a fully packaged android powered system.

In order for the Ekasi Bucks to be regularly used unit of exchange for basic Goods and services, it has to be held by users across South Africa as their alternate currency to transact everyday and the infrastructure to transact using the currency must be well equipped with relevant systems to make it as convenient and reliable as possible for both Merchants and customers. 

Ekasi Bucks will be distributed through competitions and sporting events to 70% School pupils and university students 30% workers and pensioners.


Distribution of funds:

10% of the ekasi bucks ICO funding will be distributed as below for marketing purposes:
3% of funding will be used to facilitated Radio competitions and TV competitions to encourage public to purchase Ekasi Bucks and download the Ekasi Bucks wallet app.
The first 100 000 people to download the app Will be rewarded with 50EKB.
2% of funding used for marketing in Schools and universities social media and academic performance competitions.
2% to organise Sports and wellness competitions for members of the public across SA states, we encourage participants to pay with ekasi bucks
3% will be used to organise events and competitions for members of our partnership business, social clubs and church members organisations.
Ekasi bucks will be distributed as Winnings in all competitions and events, in that way forcing participants to download the wallet and hold the crypto currency to keep the network secure.
10 million EKB will be distributed as winnings on all above mentioned competitions and events.