Ekasi Bucks CrptoCurrency Adoption strategy

Upon establishing the coin, we realized that in order for it to have long term value it must be used to transact constantly for goods and service and must create wealth for currency users;

The main idea is that, a community Is made up of household member who require goods and services that serve their primary needs, particularly shelter, food, transport and clothing to go on a day to day basis of survival;

žOther needs like access to water, electricity, good health facilities and security are also very important in keeping communities worth living in,

žThen comes entertainment and a social life; people make money to buy a lifestyle, so Ekasi Bucks makes it possible for people to afford that lifestyle.

Digital transformation plays a major role  across all business sectors. The world is moving more and more into a digital age

 At Ekasi Bucks we develop digital platforms that create a marketplace that requires the usage of the Ekasi Bucks Token to provide consumers with services that meet their needs WHILE

Transacting at fractional cost and using an easy convenient Blockchain payment systems.

žMembers of townships are growing everyday in numbers and require supply of goods and services on a daily basis for basic survival

žThe Ekasi  Business platforms include  a taxi applicationa shopping platform and Point Of Sale platform specifically designed for the usage Ekasi Bucks cryptocurrency and other digital currencies.

žThe platforms opens opportunities to Ekasi Entrepreneurs who will be providing goods and services for township community members across South Africa.

žEkasi Bucks Cryptocurrency is sold over international exchanges


 Using the Ekasi Bucks token as a means to transact across all platforms  developed within the EKASI BUCKS DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM makes way for adoption OF THE CRYPTOCURRENCY TO grow fast and EKB Token to be widely accepted throughout South Africa.