Ekasi Bucks Shuttles provides transportation services with an easy to use Android Mobile Apps

Use your Ekasi Bucks Shuttles Mobile App to book for a taxi at any Township across South Africa after 19:00pm everyday.

No other transportation platform in South Africa offers our blockchain based  Immediate peer to peer payments services. Using your Ekasi Bucks Digital Tokens, you pay with the click of a button, no cash.

Get your Ekasi Bucks Digital Tokens Today! Call 081 452 3366

Ekasi Bucks Shuttle drivers are carefully selected to ensure your  safety as a passenger.

Our Platform ensures that we know both Our Drivers and Clients registered on the Ekasi Bucks Shuttles Platform.

Every individual driver is certified via the Department of Transport.

We ensure your safety and that of our Transporters with our KYC compliance platforms.


EKasi Bucks Shuttles Township Ambassador Programme

Become a Township ambassador and own The rights of the Ekasi Bucks Shuttles Platform in your Township.

The Ekasi Bucks Shuttles Ambassador Programme allows you to have rights to run the platform in the Township you are located in.

With the Ekasi Bucks Shuttles ambassador programme you can Become an ambassador at Affordable contractual rates.

Call our Ekasi Bucks Shuttles consultants Today To find out how you can become the platform Administrator in your Township.

Contact 081 452 3366

061 460 2053