EKB Start-Up Securities is a BLOCKCHAIN based marketplace providing P2P investments into approved Start-up companies, small businesses and High Growth Ideas that has gone respective Accelerator Programmes and/or have the potential to make great  impact.

CLICK LINK TO VISIT EKB STARTUP SECURITIES www.ekbstartupsecurities.co.za

In Order to be able to purchase and/or sell Crypto-Equity shares on the listed companies.

Investors in a form of private companies, venture capital and the general public open

Accounts with SASSE.

Evaluation of companies is made by EKB Startup Securities  and all respective organizations providing Accelerator Programmes.

Listed companies decide on how many shares (In Token form) they are willing to put on the market for sale in return for equity of their businesses post the evaluation process. This will determine how much capital the respective Start-Up will be able to raise based on the equity tokens put on the market for sale.

Startups are advised to never sell more than 49% of their businesses.

Benefits for companies

    • Companies choose and decide the number of equity shares they are willing to put up for sale.
    • Companies still have full control of their operations.
    • Companies receive further mentorship to make sure that their companies become a success.
    • Initial subscription to the SASSE Journal to see how your company is doing amongst others.
    • Companies report weekly at SASSE as how is the company is progressing and how has the funds been used, to ensure that better opportunities are explored for the business to be successful.
  • All funds are kept in a Multi-Sig wallet to monitor the usage of funds

Benefits for Investors

    • Purchase the equity shares directly in the public companies.
    • Declared a registered shareholder of a startup company after purchasing tokens.
    • No limit on investments, this will encourage the youth with barely anything in the pocket and the middle class to be active investors of the Startup Economy.
    • Companies are evaluated, and mentored as for how the capital is being used, in order to guarantee a good Return On Investments.
    • Investors decide how many shares they want to buy/sell at anytime.
    • Companies report weekly at SASSE as how is the company is progressing and how has the funds been used, to protect the Investors’ investments.
    • Subscription to the SASSE Journal to be informed on the companies listed.
  • All funds are kept in a Multi-Sig wallet to protect interests of the investor.


Requirements for companies to be listed

    • Short CV of the members/directors
    • Proof of residence – utility bill / sworn affidavit (not older than 3 months)
    • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate
    • Company Registration Documents e.g. CK2, Company Profile
    • Proof of CIPC/CIPRO annual fees
    • Video interviews of company CEOs, stating the Vision of the business
    • Six months latest bank statement (Where applicable)
    • Very low listing fee and administration R1 000
  • 2% commission payable of the funds raised.

Listing Process

Initial Screening

Admission to Evaluation


Listing Announcement

Click the below link to Visit the Ekasi Bucks Startup Securities Website and start Investing in projects and applying for the EKB listing process.