Digital solutions and Payment systems

Our digital payments platforms offers various services to both consumers and Merchants.


Ekasi bucks administrates and monitors customer-merchant settlements on a BlockChain based Point of Sale system.

Ekasi Bucks Pty Ltd. Offers  Subscription packages  to merchants for a minimum cost of  R300 – R10 000 PM currently the most affordable and value added platform in the market. The system is packaged in an Android powered Equipment that includes a 10 inch tablet, Tablet rotational stand, Bluetooth Thermal printer and Pay pal card swiper For A Basic Package.  

The Ekasi-bucks real time block chain payment system  is combined to offer different service in one package:

Point of sale platform

  • Business management systems catered specifically for the type of business being operated
  • Inventory management system
  • Customer loyalty reward  systems,
  • Township money transfer services.
  • Ekasi Bucks Point Of Sale Provides real time settlement, Security and validation using a Proof of Stake Algorithm
  •  Ekasi Bucks Point of Sale is convenient for Cost saving and audit purposes for all types of Businesses.
  •  Designed to offer Mobile and card payment options to consumers  using our android, IOS and windows mobile wallets and wallet based cards.

The Ekasi Bucks POS system is designed to receive any digital currency our merchants wish to transact with and is also fully compatible with the Ekasi Bucks consumer mobile wallets and exchange for convenient exchange and transacting.

Ekasi Bucks Gathers and analyzes consumer and merchant information

  • Data is a big deal for retailers and other third parties and the Ekasi Bucks platform makes it easy and convenient to collect consumer and merchants data.
  • Our consultants Gather consumer spending habits data through the Ekasi Bucks mobile number linked wallets for direct wallet to wallet marketing within the network of cryptocurrency users.
  • All our platforms are strictly compliant to data privacy legislation

In collaboration with Odoo, various other business applications can be accessed by our Merchants for other Business support systems.

  • Blockchain based Accounting applications that determine budgets, profitability and business market analysis forecasts.
  • Prepaid Airtime sales
  • Prepaid electricity
  • Lotto
  • Dstv Payments
  • Blockchain Sports betting etc
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Consumers can access a wide range variety of services from the Ekasi Bucks Platforms


Cryptocurrency Mobile Banking and investing

Both web based and android iOS mobile wallet applications integrated with Cryptocurrency Mobile banking accounts and startup investing platforms.


Virtual  Shopping Mall-

consumers can shop from a direct Digital  shopping platform from merchants renting stores at the Ekasi Bucks Virtual Mall using our android iOS Powered kiosk terminals.


Ekasi Bucks Shuttles Digital transportation services

Township Digital Transportation services using an Android and iOS mobile applications. Consumers can book a taxi in any township and pay with Ekasi Bucks crypto tokens.


Ekasi Bucks Cryptocurrecy  Exchange

The Ekasi Bucks Crypto Currency exchange serves as a platform for Ekasi Bucks merchants and Consumers to exchange various tokens including Fiat currency.


CryproCurrency rewards

The Ekasi Bucks Blockchain based cryptocurrency wallet offers Ekasi Bucks holders  and shoppers cryptocurrecy rewards from all stores connected to the Ekasi Bucks network of merchants and consumers. Adding monetary value to consumer shopping and spending experience.

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