Our own affordable Ekasi Bucks Kiosk Terminal with systems running on the blockchain.

Full features;

  • Point of Sale System
  • Ekasi Bucks Virtual Malls
  • Crypto currency rewards platform,
  • Inventory management app


The Ekasi Bucks Android Kiosk Terminal POS system is always available for order and ready for shipping;

EMAIL sales@ekasibucks.co.za

Ekasi Bucks has partnered with DizPay to make it easy for consumers to transact using  cryptocurrency with Ekasi Bucks Merchants.

Merchants can receive payments in tokens online or at the stores through the DizPay Payment Network and System using the Ekasi Bucks Point of Sale hardware.

In collaboration with Odoo various other business applications can be accessed

Digital Mobile Marketing services

Our Ekasi Bucks wallets allow our merchants and consumers to interact via every transaction.

Merchants can advertise products and services directly to consumers via the direct profiles on the EKB VIRTUAL MALLS.

Consumers on the other hand can place orders for goods and services to delivering merchants

The platform allows for a simple and convenient way to transact and build a relationship between both counterparties