Ekasi Bucks Properties

Welcome to Ekasi Bucks Properties

Ekasi Bucks Properties is a digital platform that connects township tenants to township landlords with full automation of the letting agency process with fair and transparent rental pricing – all for a fraction of traditional fees.

This is your one stop rental agency for all township properties, providing the following;

  • Monthly rental for accommodation
  • Daily and/or hourly accommodation
  • Monthly rental commercial space
  • Pop-up store rental

How it works

1.List your property

housing the best rentals Property

List your property: place, price and verify your property on HouseME’s online platform in just a few quick clicks.

2.Add your peace of mind

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Choose whether you’d like to add our optional Rental Guarantee, for even more peace of mind.

3.Property marketed

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Your property is freely marketed on the major online marketplaces, ensuring nationwide exposure.

4.Schedule viewings

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Interested tenants book viewings via our online booking tool, selecting time slots that you have set.

5.Right price, right tenant

improving rentals Rental Properties Houses For Rent Rental Agencies

Our PlaceME® tool finds you a tenant at a price that maximises return and minimises vacancy for your property.

6.Rent is managed(Optional)

HouseME Rental Properties Houses For Rent Rental Agencies

Ekasi Bucks Properties handles the deposit, lease, rental collection, reporting, communication and your Rental Guarantee.

Property Tokenization

Ekasi Bucks Properties also offers commercial real estate property tokenization services using Standard Ethereum ERC 1400 Tokens.

Real estate tokenization is the process of representing an ownership interest in real estate with a token.

The detail here is what the token truly representstokens can represent ownership in the underlying asset, equity in a legal structure that owns the asset, an interest in debt secured by the real estate, a stream of income based on cash flows from the asset, and the list goes on!

You can now own a fraction of commercial Real estate property thanks to the power of the blockchain and technology.

Investing in ERC 1400 property tokens traded on the Ekasi Bucks Start-up securities platform means you are now able to own a range of properties without having to cough out the whole amount to purchase the entire property.

Tokenization requires ample counsel and guidance from professionals with both legal, tax, auditing and technology .

Ekasi Bucks Properties offers Commercial real estate tokenization services with a range of expert partners within legal, tax, auditing and of course tech from our side.